The system used for youth and adolescents is a theoretical training accompanied by a musical concert with young talented musicians who play an original song that narrates the case of a girl named Sara .


The training is complemented with dynamic coaching .EMER work in the individual and group awareness. It is about solving emergencies with their own resources or with the support of the team. The training is especially designed to provide tools capable of managing skills and emotions. When young people connect with their potential and their values ​​and act wisely in an unexpectedly dangerous situation which can be resolved quickly and successful they realize that saving a life is easier than we think when it’s up to us to take action and use our common sense.


Thanks to qualified trainers and specialists in coaching, our resources can be focused on the action and improving the confidence to make decisions in cases of work accidents. Many fatal accidents could be transformed into a simple story if we educated our society with resources and used the expertise of emergency specialists.


EMER we unite Training, Action and Excitement for Health!